Day 1 – Ridder

So… the first cheese of the week was Ridder. It’s Norwegian, and it’s a dessert cheese. I tried it on a Ritz cracker with a strawberry slice on top, and it was TO DIE FOR.

creamy white-ish color, semi-soft, sweet… delish.

Honestly this happened so long ago and I’m way behind on the game, and who knows if I’ll keep it up. I was buying a “cheese of the week” but it started getting a little expensive for an unemployed college grad with massive student loan payments. Maybe we’ll start a club to keep it rolling…

OR… Maybe instead of a cheese of the week, we’ll do a recipe with cheese each week. That would be fun. Tonight I actually made Giada de Laurentiis’s penne with shrimp and herbed cream sauce, which involved cheese. It was amazing. A+ Giada. 🙂

or maybe it could be a blog of foods around the world? I am going to Istanbul and Athens soon… I wonder if there’s a famous Turkish cheese.


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