About the Quest

This blog chronicles my discoveries and creations in the world of food. Call me a foodie if you want. Really, I prefer to be called a food artist. I grew up Italian-American, so my basic background is Italian. After falling madly in love with a man with a Greek last name, I developed a sincere interest in Greek food as well.  Maybe I should call my style Mediterranean-Maryland fusion. Oh did I mention I grew up in Maryland?

Along with Mediterranean, I LOVE Mexican. To be honest, Mexican is probably my absolute FAVORITE food. Probably because Mexican is the original Mediterranean-American fusion. Oh and my husband loves Chinese, so I’m always trying to learn new Chinese recipes. And I think Jaques Pepin is a fabulous old man. Maybe I should just call myself American.

So here it is: Welcome to my blog. Welcome to the thoughts of a young American woman who is absolutely fascinated by the world of food.


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