Tea vs. Coffee

 I LOVE the taste of coffee. I’m not exactly a Starbucks junkie, but I might happen to be first in line when pumpkin spice lattes are in season. I also love the soothing feeling of herbal tea on a cold, stressful afternoon.

I used to drink coffee every morning before work. I would sip it in the car, listening to talk radio, enjoying a sweet, intellectual morning before getting to the body shop for 9 hours of mindless paperwork. I drank my coffee, loving the taste, loving the kick, and not caring about anything else.

Recently, I went on a health kick to lose weight for my upcoming wedding to the love of my life. In an effort to severely limit my carbs, I talked to a cousin of mine who suggested switching to tea in the morning.

Thank you Mandy! It’s the best daily health advice I’ve ever gotten. I feel so much better. In fact, I never knew what the coffee was doing to me until I switched to tea and felt a huge burst of energy. I’ll have a cup of breakfast tea in the morning at work, and a sweet citrusy cup of Lady Grey in the afternoon. I feel so alive! And the best part is, the pounds are coming off faster without that load of cream and sugar every morning.

(Also, I broke down and bought Hazelnut coffee cream for work, had a cup of coffee yesterday, and felt miserable. Not doing that again.)


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